Love Dare day 5

Today is day five in The Love Dare book. Todays reading spoke about how Love is not rude. One of the scriptures mentioned in the book is

Proverbs 27:14 He who blesses his friend with a loud voice early in the morning, it will be reckoned a curse to him.

I recall a story from a friend of mine long ago. She shared how her husband would get up at six o clock in the morning and mow the yard knowing he was irritating his neighbor by waking him up. She shared how her husband didn’t care because he was a morning person and he thought if the sun was up everyone should get up.

I think about this story right now, because I too can relate to this very same thing in my own life. I may wake up in the morning and I may have had thoughts I want to share with my husband and he is not ready. Maybe he isn’t even awake yet, maybe he hasn’t had his coffee yet. But I don’t care, I plow ahead with my own thoughts and what I want to share because I am ready and shouldn’t he be? Plain and simple, I am rude when I act like that.

A long time ago, I remember saying to our daughter if she said something rude I would reply, “You shouldn’t say that, it’s not becoming of a lady.” I don’t know where those words came from but they stuck, so I will frequently say that to her. Those same words are reverberating in my brain right now. “Teandra, don’t be rude, it’s not becoming of a lady.” There is some self preaching happening right now, can you relate?

Years ago, my husband and I were having an argument and my phone rang and I quickly changed my tone and answered the phone “Hello, Hi, so and so.” I don’t remember who I was talking with, but I do remember the conversation with my husband after I got off the phone. He said something like you are one way to your friends and another to me. He said I was like a chameleon willing to change and be something different to everyone I spoke with. He told me I had completely changed the minute I answered the phone, and he was right. I had treated my friends better than my own husband.

As I sit here and really search my heart, has anything changed? Do I still do those same things? Or do I do different things now masked that are really the same things in disguise?

I do and say things in my home I wouldn’t do and say if my friends were here, so the answer is YES. I may lose my temper, give a dirty look, pout just to name a few. I am rude and selfish. These actions are to my husband and my kids, not my friends or even strangers but my own family, the very people I love.

Father, forgive me for my rudeness and my selfishness, forgive me for my sins. God come into my heart and create in me a new heart a soft heart. Continue to show me my error and help me to change my ways, and my thinking. Help me to live out in action your truth. Jesus, I need your Holy Spirit to guide my every thought, every word spoken, and every action done to live fully alive in you. Help our husband’s and our children, and our families to forgive us for hurting them in Jesus name we pray amen. All for your glory.


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