Love Dare day 13

Yesterday was Love dare thirteen in the book it spoke about how Love fights fair.

Fighting fair has never been my strong suit. When I think of fighting I think of winning no matter the cost. Fighting has become a part of who I am because at a young age I learned to be brave and to defend myself. Because of the things in my past, I have a very strong will, tough outer shell and a switch in me it seems where I turn off all sense of rational thought while in fight mode. Can anyone relate?

When I am in a fight immediately my brain becomes a filing cabinet full of every bad word or deed the other person has done. The drawers of this cabinet are opened all at once and the files and all the contents begin shooting out of my mouth at warp speed. I seriously don’t understand it. The stuff that comes to my mind of past hurts I don’t remember until the fight happens.

The problem is once I spew the contents of those mental folders out of my mouth then I can’t take them back and I now have created new hurts all on my own.

I need Jesus to help me cover these files with love and prayer and glue my mouth shut during fights because the fights, they’re bound to come. I want to learn to not escalate to the point of regret, anger and hurt. I need to realize fighting or disagreeing in the context of marriage is not a matter of life or death, it’s a disagreement, that’s it plain and simple.

James 1:19 (NLT)

Understand this, my dear brothers and sisters: You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to get angry.

Lord Jesus please help all of us learn to fight fair. Define for us boundaries, show us our errors and help us to listen, to speak slow, and lengthen our fuse in anger, help us to be a people of prayer first before we pick please Lord start with me in Jesus name amen.


One thought on “Love Dare day 13

  1. I especially love this day, it is such a great reminder that it is ok to disagree and how to handle the situation fairly and Godly. Because of my past and my childhood I was lead to believe that fighting was bad and it would end my marriage. I have learned through this dare how to fight fair. This is my fourth time doing the love dare and I take away something different each time. It’s so amazing to reflect on how far I have come as well as my marriage since the first time around. It’s hard to break habits but when you overcome one it is such a victory and encouragement for everyone who is in your life. Teandra thank you for sticking with this and encouraging us to do the same. When we feel uncomfortable that is exactly when we know we need to work in an area of our life. ❤


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