Love Dare day 15

Today we’re on day fifteen of the Love Dare. The book spoke about honor and holiness today. When I think about the word honor the first thing that comes to my mind is people whom serve in the military. They sacrifice themselves selflessly for the sole purpose of other people’s benefits. I think how people in the military risk their lives for our freedom every day. They do it without an expectation of receiving anything in return, they deserve honor.

My husband does the same thing for me and our children everyday. He sacrifices himself daily for our family. He selflessly puts our needs above his own. He protects us and provides for us without expecting anything in return. He was created to provide, care for and protect us, it is wired deep within him to do these things for us. Do I show him honor?

The book spoke about holiness, and how that means to be set apart for a special purpose. Do we look at our spouse as holy, without blemish,  and special? Or do we see them through rose-colored glasses, constantly under a microscope searching out every little perceived fault?

Today I challenge us to honor our spouses and look at them higher than any other person we view as honorable. Today our spouses should be the most cherished and valued person above all other people. Today our marriage should be holy above all other relationships, set apart, special, and sacred.

  • Jesus please help us today to honor, cherish, and view our spouses as holy. Help us in word and deed to fully love them without expectations. Show us what that looks like in the physical and spiritual world. God help us to see our spouses through clear eyes, your eyes, in Jesus name amen.

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