Love Dare day 25

Today is day twenty-five of the Love dare, love forgives.

Psalm 23:3 (ESV)

He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake.

What is forgiveness? I think the above verse explains it well. Forgiveness is letting God revive my soul when it has been broken and wounded beyond all repair. Forgiveness is, when Jesus tenderly restores my heart, mind, and body gently leading me back to Him, all for His glory.

When I was five years old my uncle molested me. He broke my trust and violated my body. One of the hardest things for me to forgive was his mother. She called me a liar and said I had made the whole thing up. I realized not long ago that my whole life I had been waiting for her to apologize to me before I would forgive her. She never did apologize. She died a few years ago and it wasn’t until recently I was able to forgive her.

For many years I held onto unforgiveness because in my mind the only way I would forgive her is if she said she was sorry. Recently it came to my mind that she was dead and there was no chance of my (forgiveness scenario) playing out.

She was gone, and I found I was left with bitterness and unforgiveness still in my heart. I had a choice to make, hang onto the bitterness or choose to let God handle it and allow Him to heal my heart. When I made the decision to forgive her I felt a healing take place deep inside me, a peace and a love for her started to well up in my heart. This is not something I can even understand it is a gift from the Lord to be able to forgive and love someone when they have hurt us so deeply. I have forgiven my uncle as well, but I choose not to have contact with him. God will deal with him and he will have to give an account for his actions one day, but I am not his judge.

Have you been hurt by someone? Are you holding onto bitterness and unforgiveness like I was? Perhaps you are the one who did the hurting and the person won’t forgive you and you desperately want to somehow make it right. God is the only one who can heal your wounds. He is the author of healing and restoration, no matter the cause.

I allowed so many of my past hurts to steal years of joy from my life, but not anymore. Today I choose to lay down all my hurts past, present and future. I pray for the ones whom have hurt and wronged me. I have confessed to God the wrongs I have done to others and I have asked God to restore and heal the hurts I have caused. I choose to forgive myself as well, I no longer want to beat myself up about the wrongs I have done.

I am forgiven and loved by God. He sent His son Jesus Christ to die for my sins and the sins of those whom have hurt me. God sent His son Jesus for you too. Your sins may have a different name than mine but they weigh the same in God’s eyes. God is no respecter of people everyone of us are sinners and we all have to give an account to God one day. We are forgiven, and we can be set free from the prison cell.

Right now,  will you choose to walk in His freedom?

Confess the hurts you have, say their names and what they have done out loud right now. Give the pain and the hurt to the only one who can take that pain and use it to restore, and heal your heart and theirs. Confess your wrongs and ask God to forgive your sins and to take away your unforgiveness and bitterness. Pray and ask Him to heal areas that were broken and restore what was stolen in Jesus name.

Today we can be FREE in Jesus name, we can walk in forgiveness and love with Jesus as our guide.

Mark 10:27 (NIV) says: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.”


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