Love dare day 33

Today is day thirty-three of the Love dare, Love completes each other.
Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NLT)
A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.


This scripture is one of my favorites. In my mind I picture a husband and wife standing back to back with weapons in hand defending their marriage against any attack.  Each person provides the other with an optimal defense, allowing vantage points from the front and the back. Standing alone leaves an area always open for attack because we can’t see behind us so we are constantly looking back and then we leave the front of us unguarded.

I am reminded of a time when my husband said to me, “I believe I heard from the Lord; I am supposed to put my notice in at work.” “Will you please pray about it?” “I will wait on the Lord until we are in agreement, ” he said. I was not in agreement and was not buying into Luis’s plan; nevertheless, I agreed I would pray about it also and wait to hear from the Lord.

After days of deliberate stalling I could wait no longer. I decided to pray about whether my husband should give his notice and resign from his job. I cried out to the Lord “God if you want my husband to quit his job right now without another job lined up, I need you to speak the same exact words to my husband, then I will be in agreement.” I need to know without a doubt this is from you. Immediately after my prayer I heard the Holy Spirit say, “I need you to trust me in this, I need your husband to quit his job first, then I will give him a better one.” While I was pondering that thought, my husband walked into the room and said, “I believe I heard from the Lord.” He continued, “I believe he said, that I need to trust him and quit my job and then he will give us a better job.”

During that time in our marriage God used our differences to bring us closer together. I was learning to trust my husband’s leadership and he was patient and willing to wait on the Lord before making a decision. God is the head of our marriage and he leads my husband to love,  guide and protect me. We are three strands woven together, not easily broken.

We have endured many difficult challenges in our marriage but God has carried us through. We have witnessed many other marriages ending, for far less intense trials then we have faced. I share this with you not to say we are good or that we have marriage figured out because only God is good and we don’t profess to have any knowledge. God alone is what holds our marriage together, not us.  He is the rock that we both stand on everyday, and Jesus brings us together continually weaving our hearts into one unbreakable bond with the Father.

Have you accepted the other part of you that God created to complete you, or have you rejected them? I think many couples in marriage have denied their need for their spouse resulting in them feeling they’re missing something.  They venture outside of their marriage looking for something or someone to complete them, all the while clueless to the fact that what they need to make them feel whole is right in front of them. When we don’t accept our spouses as being a integral part of us like an eye, ear, arm or leg, then how can we ever fully give or receive love from them?

Today my prayer for all of us is to grasp our NEED for our spouses and to tell them so.

I need you like flowers need rain,

like salt needs pepper,

like the sun needs the moon,

like a lung needs air,

like a heart needs a beat,

like a belly needs a laugh,

like an ear needs to listen,

like lips need a kiss,

like a car needs to drive,

like a voice needs to sing,

like a king needs his queen,

I need you! You complete me. I love you Luis.




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