The Notepad

“Hey baby what’s going on?”

“Daddy, sometimes I don’t feel special and I feel alone.”

“Well, honey lets go talk to mommy. Genesis share with mommy what you said to daddy baby.”

“Mommy sometimes I don’t feel special and I feel all alone.”

“Genesis what can we do to help you feel special and loved honey?”

“Well, I think a laser tag party..”

Dad then whispers to mom…”How about a mommy-daughter date to Costco?

“Genesis, how about you and me have a mommy-daughter date to Costco would that help you feel special?”

SQUEAL, SQUEAL, smile and a big hug………SUCCESS

Lord, we lift up Genesis and ask you to encourage her today, protect her heart and help her to only listen to your truths. Let all the lies the enemy has told her in the past, present or future take no root but only your truth remain. God, you alone define who she is and who you created her to be. God protect her mind fill her with your Holy Spirit and let her be an encouragement to others and everyone she meets. Heal her heart in Jesus name we pray, amen.

“Mom, can I please take this notepad and pencil with us to Costco?”

“Yeah, sure that’s fine baby.” “Hey, here’s a new ring mommy wanted to give you.”

“Thank you so much, you’re the best Mommy ever.”

“Thank you, Genesis now let’s get in the truck and get going.”

“I love you Daddy…wait, wait, Daddy,  I want to draw you a picture first.”



And we’re off….

“Mom, what does “relationship” with God mean?”

“That’s a great question babe. It means spending time together with God by praying and reading His word. Listening and sharing your thoughts and feelings with God and asking Him what He thinks about what you do.  Asking God for forgiveness when we sin against Him. It means friendship and commitment, and honesty even when it’s hard.”

“Mom, I have done all those things except one. I haven’t asked God for forgiveness for sinning against Him.”

“Would you like to do that now babe?”

“Yes, Mom I want to do that now.”

“Okay, let’s pray. Lord, please forgive us for sinning against you, convict our hearts when we do and help us to turn away from our sins. Thank you in Jesus name we pray amen.”

“Good job Genesis I’m so proud of you. Are you ready to go inside to Costco?”

“Yep, and I have my notepad and pencil.”

We arrive at the return counter and are greeted by two men counting down the cash register. “It will be just a minute ma’am.”

“Mom, I’m going to draw a picture for that man and tell him God loves him okay?”

I hesitated and almost told her no. I thought to myself, maybe she shouldn’t write the note at all. Then, I thought well maybe she should just find a lady to give it to instead. At the end of my racing thoughts, I decided to say yes that’s fine.

“Excuse me, sir, she said.” I drew this picture for you and I just want to tell you that God loves you.”

I watched this grown man’s face change literally he was flustered and could hardly hold himself together. He smiled a genuine smile at her and said, “Thank you so much for telling me that.” “God loves you too.”

A lady came up to help us at the register and Genesis drew another picture of two hearts and handed it to the cashier. “Here I drew this for you, God thinks you’re beautiful.”

She gasped and said, “Thank you so much that was so nice, thank you.” Then the man who received the first note peeked over at the cashier’s note and said, “She gave me one first and mine has three hearts.”

They both were moved and very emotional and thanked her several times before we left to continue our shopping.

We hugged and I told her, “I’m so proud of you babe good job.”

“Mom, do you think I encouraged them?” she said.

“Yes, Genesis no doubt you encouraged them today.”

“Mom, I am going to draw more pictures on this notepad and encourage people in this store.” I’m going to show them the love of Jesus.”

“Okay, honey, that’s fine.”

As we made our way through the store she would draw pictures of hearts and crosses and hand them to men and women young and old. She would tell them God loves you, you’re beautiful, and you’re a good mother.” Each time the reactions were incredible. I watched people’s faces light up and smile wide. They were overwhelmed by the love of God witnessed through an innocent child. She was so courageous and heartfelt in how she looked into each one of their eyes with a piercing conviction of how God feels about each one of them. Many were moved to tears. One lady said that had made her day. She went to the Pharmacy Technician and moved her to tears. She went to the bakery and even crossed the forbidden red line… she gave one to the meat guy. After each meeting, I would say how proud of her I was and tell her good job Genesis.

she continued on…

There was a Mother in the checkout line as we passed by. She was stressed out. She was pregnant, had a toddler in the front seat of the cart, a baby in a front pack and an older child in the cart. Genesis approached her and gently said, “Excuse me I drew this picture for you and I just want to tell you that God loves you and you’re a good Mom.” The woman looked like she had just seen a ghost. She was overwhelmed and moved to tears. She smiled at Genesis and said, “Thank you so much sweetheart for saying that.”

We go up another row and we pass a Grandmother with what looks like her two teenage granddaughters. The teenagers were arguing and one told the other to shut up. Just then the Grandmother noticed Genesis and scolded her granddaughters for their language. We made it almost to the end of the row and Genesis said, “Mom, they were having a hard time I heard what they said so I want to give one to the Grandma.” She approached the Grandmother who was still scolding her granddaughters. “Excuse me, Excuse me,” she said. The woman couldn’t hear her. Genesis then tugged on her shirt, “Excuse me,” she said again. The woman turned around and Genesis said here I drew this for you because you are having a hard time today, God loves you.” The Grandmother was smiling telling Genesis she was beautiful and thanking her. The most amazing thing was the two teenagers response, both simultaneously whimpered and whined like seeing a puppy for the first time….” she is soo cute.”

We approached two men around the seafood display engaged in what seemed to be a very serious conversation. Genesis walked up and tried to get their attention but neither could see hear let alone hear her above their own voices. She improvised and moved in between them both. These men towered over her she looked up at them and said, “Excuse me, sir,” to one of the men. I drew this for you and I want you to know God loves you.” Both men were grinning from ear to ear and laughed. The man thanked her. The men were totally taken back. She approached me with a sad look. “Mom they laughed at me.” “Why did they laugh at me?” she asked.

I explained they were happy and surprised and it was a good laugh. She understood and immediately was onto the next person to encourage.

“Mom, I’m going to give one to that Grandpa right there okay?” She approached him and said I drew this for you and I want to tell you God loves you.” Thank you so much, young lady,” he said. After each rip of paper she was more and more encouraged throughout the store it was amazing to see God use her to encourage so many hurting people by a simple notepad and a few kind words.

After each rip of paper she was more and more encouraged throughout the store it was amazing to see God use her to encourage so many hurting people by a simple notepad and a few kind words.

As we turned down another aisle a woman was intently looking at Genesis. “Mom, I’m going to give one to this Grandma okay?”

“Yes, that’s fine honey go ahead.”

“Excuse me, Ma’am, I drew this for you, God loves you and you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you, thank you so much you gave one of these notes to my husband and I wanted one too I was hoping you would give me one. Thank you for giving me one,” she said smiling wildly at Genesis.

We had almost made our way through the entire store and I’m guessing she gave out at least 30 or more drawings to people. Then Genesis said, “Wait, Mom, I have one more to give out.”

“Mom, I’m going to give it to him okay?” I had an uneasy feeling about this man but I said okay go ahead.”

Genesis approached him just like all the others…excuse me, sir, I drew this picture for you as she held out her hand to give it to him she said God loves you. He looked at her with the most anger filled eyes, and shook his head and said,”NO.”

I watched as our baby girl moments earlier so full of courage, joy, and excitement stand there with her little hand outstretched fight back her tears. She was heartbroken and I was angry. Instead of cowering in defeat she stared into this man’s hard heart and didn’t move a muscle. She stayed right there with her little hand outstretched and refused to take, “NO” for an answer. He quickly swiped it out of her hand and she sheepishly walked back to me very discouraged.

“Mom, he said no, he did take it but he said no. Why Mom, why?”

“Genesis you did what you were supposed to do and that man needed it more than anybody else in this store, good job baby. He needed to hear God loves him. I’m sorry he hurt your heart, but you planted a seed, right?”

My heart was broken as we made our way to the front of the store. I kept speaking the truth to her but she was discouraged and couldn’t see the good that had come and only could remember the last rejection.

I glanced up to see a beautiful black woman that reminded me exactly of Karen Abercrombie from the movie the War Room. She walked by and then circled back and stopped in front of Genesis. She started talking to her but as if speaking above her. “Oh, girl, some girl is wearing these beautiful white pearls on this necklace and look at these earrings ooh too much beauty for one day.” She went on and on and Genesis and I both were totally overwhelmed. Genesis was smiling from ear to ear I was about to cry my eyes out. She went to leave and I said, “Excuse me, thank you so much, for encouraging my daughter she desperately needed it right now.” She turned to leave and without looking back at us said, “Only speaking the truth Ma’am.”

I looked at Genesis she looked at me and we both said, “That was an angel.” I had the chills all over my body; I was losing my mind.

I was blown away at the awesomeness of God. Of course, He wasn’t going to let our brave baby girl who had just shared His love with so many people be allowed to be defeated on the last note she drew. God had her and He had this totally under His control. I was in awe of God. We made our way to the checkout and it was if we were both floating. We were encouraged and bubbling over I felt like I was going to burst. We get to the checker and she asks how we’re doing. I couldn’t resist bragging about what Genesis had done throughout the store. I shared how she handed out her notes to so many people and was encouraging so many only to be discouraged at the end. Then I shared how the lady appeared out of nowhere only to encourage us both. The cashier was freaking out saying you did that as she peeked over to see Genesis. She said, “Your momma is blessed to have you as a daughter.”

Then, Genesis took her ring I had just given her that morning off her finger and hands it to the cashier and says, “This is for you, God loves you.” The cashier started tearing up and said, “You are an angel.” “Tonight when I pray to God I am going to think of you.”

She slipped the ring on her finger, and it was a perfect fit.

Then the lady in line right behind us started telling the cashier that Genesis gave her a picture too and it was so encouraging to her.

It was like an out of body experience. I was so full of joy and love I wanted to scream. We made it to the car and the Holy Spirit reminded me of the prayer my husband and I had prayed over Genesis earlier. We had asked God to encourage her and for her to be an encouragement to everyone she meets. When we arrived home we shared with my husband what had happened and then we both asked Genesis, “Do you feel special?”

“Ohh yes, oh yes, I feel really special today,” she said, grinning from ear to ear. Then she said something that shocked us. She looked at us both and said, “Adventure number one.”

Then matter of factly she looked at us both and said, “Adventure number one.”


God, you are awesome and your love is amazing. Lord help us to love those around us like that of a child, with no limits, filled with courage and boldness.

Thank you, Jesus, for children what a gift.

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3 NLT







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